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How Can I Help My Teen Get Though A Breakup?

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  It can be hard to hear your baby’s heart breaking after his girlfriend ends their relationship. You might want to fix it for them and tell them it will all be okay or that they’ll get over it. Tell your teen it can be helpful to talk about her feelings to a trusted friend, parent or therapist. Tell him to give himself permission to cry..even if it is alone in the shower or into his pillow at night. Here are some other suggestions you can share with your teen. Stay healthy. Anxiety and stress can wreak havoc on your body. A breakup can affect your sleep and eating patterns. Exercising,...

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Texting and Driving..It’s Not Just Your Kids

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Texting and Driving Statistics The following information comes from www.textinganddrivingsafety.com. I felt this information was too important not to share. In 2011 at least 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones. That is 1.3 million crashes. 5 seconds is the minimum amount of time your attention is taken away from the road when texting and driving. If you are going 55 mph that equals driving the length of a football field without looking at the road. 48% of young drivers have seen their parents talk on the phone while driving, 15% have seen their parents text while driving, 27% of...

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Tips for Teens – Basic Stuff to Make Your Life Better

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1) Talk to your parents What? You mean actually sit down and have a conversation with them? What would we talk about? Try to talk about everyday topics or observations you have (look how cute the dog is today!) The more you talk to your parents the easier it becomes. If you want/need to talk about a difficult topic, think through what you want to say and what you want to actually communicate to your parents with the conversation (do you want their support/advice or do you want/need their permission for something?) This will change the way you present the information or ask the questions you...

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