Cutting and Self-Injury in teems are not uncommon and can be successfully treated, says Dr. Benna Strober, Mount Kisco, New York.Discovering that your child is injuring themselves through cutting or other forms of self-injury can be a frightening experience for a parent.  In addition to worrying about your child’s safety, you also have many questions about why your child would make this choice and how something like this could be happening in your family.

I work with teens who cut / self-injure who each have their own story to tell in regard to why they do it and what triggers them to do so.

I’ve put together a “Parent’s Guide to Self-Injury“ to help you understand what self injury is all about.  You may be surprised to learn that cutting is not about inflicting pain, rather, it is about self-soothing in order to cope with or relieve emotional pain. Your child can not seem to access a healthier way to manage their issues and instead turn to an unhealthy “quick fix.”

I encourage you to call me at (914) 329-5355 for a complimentary consultation to learn more. If you decide to schedule an appointment for your child you may find it helpful to know what usually happens during the first visit.  I’ve written an overview of what to expect at your first appointment so you can be comfortable bringing your child for the first session.

Please use these two resources with my compliments.  I hope you find them helpful as you begin to learn and understand cutting and self-injury.

You may also call my office at (914) 329-5355 for a complimentary consultation.