Individual therapy—$250 per session.
Group therapy—$75 per session.

Initial Consultation

Before beginning individual psychotherapy, I require we meet for a consultation at my rate for individual therapy ($250).  This consultation is an opportunity to discuss the reasons for you/your child seeking therapy, readiness to engage in therapy and what you hope to accomplish. It is also an opportunity for you to see how I work and to decide if you find my approach helpful.If we agree to proceed with ongoing therapy, we will then find a convenient day and time to meet.  My basic fee ($250) for individual therapy is based on a 45-minute session.  Please note, if you or your child does not attend your scheduled therapy appointment, and have not notified me at least 24 hours in advance, or the absence is due to inclement weather, you are charged the full cost of the session.

Before beginning group therapy I require we meet for an individual consultation session charged at my individual therapy rate of $250. If you are interested in then attending the group you can attend a trial session at my group therapy rate of $75.  Please note the fee for ongoing group therapy is a “subscription” to the group.  It is not refunded or waived in the event that you cannot attend a session. You are not charged if the group does not meet due to a holiday or severe weather condition.  New members are expected to commit to a minimum of 6 sessions in order to give you sufficient time to successfully transition into the group. Groups max out at 6 members per group and meet on a weekly basis for 75 minutes. I require all group participants to have an individual “check-in” session once every 5-6 weeks.


I currently do not accept  insurance. As a NYS Licensed Psychologist, my services are reimbursable if your benefits include coverage for “out-of-network” psychotherapy.  Speak with your employer or benefits administrator to determine the full extent of your mental health benefits.  Ask them the following:

  • Will I be reimbursed if I meet with an out-of-network mental health provider?
  • How much is my deductible?
  • How much will I be reimbursed per session?
  • How many sessions per year does my insurance cover?


Payment is expected at the time of the appointment by cash or check.